Build Your Own Home on the Coast!

Sarah Johnson PhotoHere at the Oregon Coast, a property that is both within available budget and that fulfills your wish sometimes takes a very long time to become available– or doesn’t exist. When faced with this reality, some of our clients choose to look at building their own home – and there are many options available.

The type of home is important – it’s a choice based upon the available budget, area zoning regulations, land use — vacation home or permanent residence, and personal style.

Homes can be site-built, pre-fabricated or manufactured.  The distinctions are obvious but the processes for development are filled with nuance and some lots won’t allow some kinds of buildings.  Some are restricted to a minimum size and many require a knowledge of their neighborhood association covenants.

There are many types of property to consider when looking at a land purchase — do you want to be within a certain distance from the beach, river or specific landmark or town?  Do you have a city lot in mind with a small yard area and deck that you’ll develop — or are you looking for your own piece of forest or ranch, away from the hustle and bustle of town?  Perhaps you would like to wiggle your toes in the sand right outside your front door?  Are you excited by the idea of pulling out a silvery salmon or steelhead from the bank of your own piece of river?  Bare land is available to accommodate just about any dream.

If you’re not sitting on a pile of cash to dole out for both land and building, there are loan programs available.  We regularly refer clients to lenders to get pre-approved for financing of both the building and the property purchase — or you purchase your land with savings and then finance the building.  Depending upon the zoning and type of building that you are considering, all options should be considered before signing any contracts so that you can maximize your buying power.

All these questions generally lead to more questions — and we are here to listen to your needs and provide you with answers.  If you are thinking about developing your own property, whether or not you’ve already acquired it, we encourage you to give us a call or e-mail us so we can answer questions and guide you to the state, county or city services that will prevent pitfalls and assist you to focus your energies on properties that will work to accomplish your vision.

The Johnson Real Estate team actively represents sellers of development properties and regularly acts as agents for buyers in land purchase transactions on all Coastal land properties for sale.  Our knowledge of local zoning, permitting and development pitfalls and benefits is available to you without obligation.Realtor Logo

Whether it’s by the lake, river or beach – or right in town, there is land waiting to be developed into your dream property.  I love the coast!

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