Loving The Coast

I recently spoke with a client who was calling in from another state.  She was inquiring about properties here in Lincoln City and we were setting up a tour of a few homes to take place during her upcoming visit.  At that moment, our discussion had turned to the area, which she had driven through on a vacation a number of years before. “Well”, she said, “We are really just looking for something near the beach and not too far from really good hiking in the woods.  I like going on nature hikes and, oh, my husband likes to fish so we need to be close enough to the Siletz and the Salmon Rivers.  Are there places nearby where we could maybe do some ocean fishing? I’d like to be within easy walking distance of beaches and maybe even tidepools.  I heard that there are some wetlands locally situated where a herd of elk live, that’s really nice.  We were amazed at all the birds along the shore… we saw a bald eagle and egrets and great blue herons; The outlet mall was good, I remember that, but we would have to be within 30 minutes or so of some big chain stores for office supplies and other household necessities.  Maybe we could look for homes near the lake, as long as we would be near the beach, too. It seems like a great place for boating and water-skiing.  We are looking for something not too big, but don’t want to live in a matchbox, either. Do you think you can find us a place that can provide all that?”

My answer “Yes!” I Love The Coast!


About Sarah Johnson

Real Estate Agent and Beginner Small-Scale Sustainable Farmer
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